Levels in Math?
When we use a mastery approach to instruction, students tend to learn at an accelerated pace.

By Will Duckworth
TrinityTutors.com Lead Tutor

This website is the brainchild of Will Duckworth, a career educator who was frustrated by the lack of free, high-quality, online curriculum able to meet his uncompromising standardsands and compatible with Judeo-Christian values and beliefs.

As a devout Christian, Will recognized that our children need lessons based on God's wisdom, especially given that the devil himself is a skillful and experienced teacher who regularly offers instruction which is both deceptive and contrary to God's will.

Will believes education should be a journey in which parents play a major role by providing encouragement and loving guidance; helping their youngsters progress along the path of life by determining what things they learn and how they
value and interpret them. Accordingly, the ultimate goal at TrinityTutors Virtual Academy is to provide families with access to the most comprehensive selection of Bible-friendly curriculum available from any single website.

Since December of 2011, TrinityTutors Virtual Academy has been privately owned, operated and funded by Will, who began lay-ministry in his home as a means of fulfilling the above vision—offering Christian homeschoolers FREE access to a comprehensive database of sequenced lessons covering the entire school year for each subject and grade level.

The service is being set up to equip parents with the resources necessary to deliver rigorous, content-rich instruction designed to reinforce Biblical teachings and principles. While others may offer a similar product, they most likely charge some type of fee involved. Moreover, at TrinityTutors Virtual Academy, every learner is treated like famly.


The writing process is the writing process,  whether you are a first-grade student or a published author, and because the curriculum offered by this website is progressive in nature and taught through a reference-based mastery approach to instruction, our students do not typically forget the skills they supposedly learned during previous school years, thereby rendering grade levels an arbitrary and unnecessary feature that may be required by a one-size-fits-all public school bureaucracy catering to the lowest denominator, but not by a service designed to deliver an individualized, custom designed product.

Since it is each learner's parent that delivers instruction, the same material can be adjusted to fit any given child's level of knowledge, vocabulary, interest, sophistication and development.

Given that our students tend to master all of the basic skills at the lower grade levels, you may wonder what is left for them to do when they reach middle school and high school. However, even the most accomplished authors, scientists, artists, musicians, etcetera...can and often do spend an entire lifetime polishing and perfecting their craft, and that is what our students tend to do in the latter part of their academic careers, carrying out any number of long-term projects and investigating the various aspects and nuances of the topics they have under study.
Why No Grade
Equipping students with the knowledge for today and the wisdom for an eternity